3 Fast Ways to Level Up on Call of Duty Mobile, Auto Legendary!

Who does not know Call of Duty (COD)? This shooter game has been played by millions of people since the warnet is still mushrooming, long before the smartphone game trend now.

No wonder Tencent developed Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) and was released by Garena in Indonesia.

Unlike the other shooter games, one of the main games of COD Mobile is that each level up we can get new weapons and also get other characters.

So Jaka will provide a way to quickly move up the COD Mobile level. Come on, continue with the installation!

Fast Ways to Level up COD Mobile

As Jaka mentioned before, you will get new weapons and characters as you level up.

In order to play the COD Mobile game more and more exciting, you must quickly level up by plunging into the battle arena as much as possible.

So that your battle is not in vain and can quickly level up on COD Mobile, see the next level up tips let’s go!

1. Don’t die often

Call of Duty Mobile has an XP system that will be obtained at the end of the game. The more often you die when playing Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode, the less XP you will get To be able to unlock a lot of weapons, players are required to increase their level and undergo as many battles as possible.

So, don’t die often, okay! Remember to take cover with the best strategy so you can get lots of XP and quickly level up on COD Mobile.

2. Try Changing the Battle Mode

Call of Duty Mobile brings two new game modes, namely Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

In Battle Royale mode, you will get more EXP if you become a player who survives until the end of the battle.
You can also try Multiplayer mode. The new mode of this shooter game is just as exciting, but has a faster duration.

To quickly level up COD Mobile, try playing Frontline mode. Besides having a simpler gameplay, if you win fast you will get abundant XP!

3. Fight Using Favorite Weapons

Every time you battle in COD Mobile, you will get Player EXP and Weapon EXP at the end of the game.

So that you auto win when playing COD Mobile, you should use your favorite weapons with a high level in the game.
So, a quick way to level up COD Mobile next is to raise the weapon level. Because in addition to survive so as not to die often, you also have to be able to drop your opponent to get high XP.

The higher your weapon level is, the more likely you are to win a battle.
Then do you know? When using a weapon with a maximum level, you will get a Weapon EXP Card as a reward. Well, this Weapon EXP Card can be used to directly raise EXP of new weapons.
Speaking of weapons and Weapon EXP Cards, you can also buy them directly in the Shop using Cash Points or CP in the COD Mobile game.

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