7 Reasons Why HP Manufacturers Eliminate 3.5mm Jack Holes

Every year (sometimes even every month) there are only new smartphones that appear on the market. Of course their appearance is accompanied by many new innovations.

However, there are things that really bother us. Especially if it’s not the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack hole which we think is still needed. The latest is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Why do smartphone manufacturers eliminate the headphone jack hole in their products? Just to go along with Apple or for the sake of making bigger profits.

Reasons Why Jack’s Headphone Hole Is Missing

Headphone jack hole is one of the important features available on smartphones to listen to music or make phone calls.

With the removal of this hole, it means we have to use a bluetooth headset or use an adapter to be able to listen to it other than through the HP default spearker.

If its function is so important, why is it eliminated? Reporting from various sources, here are the reasons!

1. Because Apple already did it

Even though they are often insulted when making innovations, in fact the Android mobile manufacturers always follow the iPhone. The loss of the headphone jack hole is proof.

The disappearance of this hole, perhaps because it was started by Apple, is considered a trend, stylish, and futuristic.

Moreover, Apple convinced fans that the headphones with the cable were out of date. Even though the gang, the hole is still in the MacBook laptop, iPod Touch 2019, and some iPad!

2. Design

One reason that is often cited by manufacturers is for the design of the smartphone itself. A piece of the hole at the bottom is considered disturbing view.

In fact, the headphone jack hole actually takes up less space. However, producers often reason like that.

There are also those who say for the sake of creating a minimalist design that they try to get rid of as much as possible what needs to be removed.

Google, through Pixel 2, also reasoned that it wanted to build a mechanical design path for the future. Could be, in the future the charger hole will be removed so that users must use a wireless charger.

3. So that the Smartphone Become Thinner

Smartphone manufacturers have ambitions to make smartphones as thin as possible. If necessary, as thin as a sheet of HVS paper.

The problem is, the name of the hole certainly has a diameter. The headphone hole has a diameter of 3.5 mm, so if the smartphone to be produced is thinner than that, the hole must disappear.

Smartphones too thin are actually not too comfortable to use. There is a minimum thickness so that the smartphone is comfortable to handle.

An example of a smarpthone that uses this reason is Moto Z from Motorola. Even so, many have praised the quality of this HP audio.

4. For Better Sound Quality

Some smartphone manufacturers say the headphone jack hole removal for the sake of improving sound quality. One of them is LeEco from China.

The manufacturer chose to take advantage of the USB-C audio feature on the HP Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2. Many agreed that the actual quality of the HP was not much better.

Precisely Moto Z who managed to make audio quality better on this cellphone, even though we have to use a Bluetooth headset.

HTC also reasons removing the headphone jack hole because the hole is considered to have many shortcomings, so they released the HTC Usonic headphones that were considered a failure.

5. Memberi Ruang Lebih untuk Baterai

When Apple eliminates the headphone jack hole on the iPhone 7, one of the reasons for them is to increase their battery life.

In fact, the iPhone 7 only has 2,900 mAh of battery power. Compare with the iPhone 6 Plus with a capacity of 2,915 mAh.

Perhaps, their intention is to make more space for more efficient processors. Thus, the iPhone battery can be more durable.

Razer’s HP also uses the same reason and it is estimated that the removal will increase the battery capacity by 500 mAh.

6. There Are Lots of Bluetooth Headphones

Several other smartphone manufacturers already produce sophisticated Bluetooth headsets. An example is AirPods from Apple, or other brands of Bluetooth earbuds that are no less good.

Maybe, in order to increase sales of these accessories, they negate the headphone jack so it seems a little forcing buyers.

Bluetooth headphones do look futuristic, but not necessarily everyone wants them.

7. For greater profits

Many are skeptical of the reasons stated above. They believe that their reason for eliminating an important smartphone feature is money.

In the absence of these holes, people have to buy additional accessories that are usually produced by the manufacturer itself.

In addition, the absence of a headphone jack hole means they do not need to pay to buy its components.

They also have no obligation to put the headset for free in the box. Can you imagine how much money is saved because of that?

The final word
Headphone jack hole removal does cause its own cons. Some say that smartphone manufacturers are only concerned with profit.

According to Jaka, obviously the producers want to get a bigger profit without sacrificing user experience.

Typically, a smartphone that loses a headphone jack is an HP flagship, so it’s likely the manufacturers estimate that those who buy their cellphones can afford Bluetooth headphones.

What do you think, gang? Write in the comments column, yes!

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