A Must-Try at Universal Studios Singapore

You are familiar with Universal Studios Singapore. Yes, this place is one of the big and famous playgrounds in Asia. In fact, Universal Studios has several branches in various countries in the world. Of course there are lots of rides available at this playground. So do not be surprised if there are many people who visit this place, given that there are so many games and it is a pity to miss them.

With so many rides, it takes a lot of time to explore all the rides there are. To be more effective, it’s a good idea to ride some of the rides that you must try. Of course, this vehicle is very mandatory to try because it has a high level of excitement, given the level of excitement of the vehicle in this place where there are very exciting and not exciting if adjusted to the age of visitors.

1. Transformers the ride 3D
This vehicle is a vehicle that must be visited because it is a popular vehicle. Although it was so popular to queue for this vehicle for a long time, this proves that this vehicle must be tried and should not be missed just like that. If you want to ride a vehicle, then you should get ready to queue for 2 hours. But the time you spend will not be useless because it is in accordance with the facilities provided. Later visitors will be in a replica of the robot vehicle where the bench can move. You will be given 3D glasses so you can see the excitement of the vehicle with fantastic 3D effects such as those that depend on the Transformers movie. For you lovers of this film, it is mandatory to see this one vehicle.

2. Madagascar: a crate adventure

Madagascar’s animated film is certainly no stranger to anyone’s ears. This film tells the struggle of a group of animals in escaping human exploitation. In this playground also provides a vehicle with the theme of Madagascar but with a look similar to a puppet palace. Later the visitors will ride a train that will pass through the aisle, along the aisle you will be treated to a variety of funny performances from Madagascar movie characters. This vehicle is also equipped with advanced technology. If you come together with children, you must try this one.

3. Sesame street: spaghetti space chase

At first glance, this vehicle is similar to the Madagascar vehicle concept, because there is a train that visitors will take. Later visitors will be invited to tour the puppet palace. On the right and left there will be cute dolls accompanied by interesting attractions that entertain visitors. Therefore, this vehicle is definitely suitable for children.

4. Light, camera, action! By steven spielberg

For film lovers it is certainly familiar with director Steven Spielberg, where he is one of the top directors. He has produced a variety of films that go into the box office, one of which is the famous Jurassic World film. As an appreciation for him, Universal built a vehicle designed directly by him. Of course in this vehicle, you will feel like in a movie set because it is designed like a setting for shooting. The concept is like a show, so visitors will sit in the audience seats and watch a simulation of what the film shooting process is like.

5. Shrek 4D

You are also familiar with Shrek, aren’t you? This figure is a giant who lives in the forest and has a green body. For those of you fans of this green donkey-earning giant, it’s a must to try this ride. Wahana Shrek 4D is a cinema with a 4-dimensional concept. You can watch movies with exciting and unforgettable sensations. Therefore do not miss this vehicle only at Universal Studios Singapore.

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