Hollywood is Ready to ‘Donald Trump’s’ Impeachment

The plan of the US House of Representatives to begin the process of impeachment of President Donald Trump in connection with the Ukrainian scandal is supported by lively Hollywood celebrities and filmmakers who have been openly at odds with Trump.

Most members of the United States House of Representatives previously said they supported the verification process to impeach President Donald Trump.

Trump is suspected of abusing authority as head of state to deter Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden from asking Ukraine to investigate the alleged corruption of his son, Hunter Biden, allegedly made up.

“Trump’s actions show that he is dishonest and has betrayed the oath of office, national security and the integrity of our elections,” said US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as reported by AFP on Wednesday (25/9).

This impeachment plan can get a positive response from celebrities. In fact, hashtag #ImpeachmentParty aka Trump’s impeachment party has resounded from Hollywood.

One of them is from film maker and director of A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay. The filmmaker who won a number of nominations at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe even joked that he had prepared costumes for Trump’s impeachment party.

“We are grooming and ready for #ImpeachmentParty. What are you wearing?” Ava DuVernay said attaching a video of himself on the 2019 Emmy Awards red carpet.

So far, Hollywood filmmakers and celebrities have mostly opposed Trump, ranging from policies on immigrants, to the various US presidential statements that are considered to spread hatred.
But until now, famous Hollywood celebrities still have no voice related to Donald Trump’s impeachment plan as president of the United States. A number of big names openly oppose Trump, like Katy Perry, and recently Taylor Swift.

The Ukrainian scandal which became the reason for impeaching Donald Trump on charges of abuse of authority began to be revealed since an intelligence agent reported last August to the Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Central Agency, Joseph Maguire.

He disputed the contents of the conversation between Trump and President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The contents of the report stated that Trump contacted Zelenskiy eight times, and asked him to open an investigation into the alleged corruption of Hunter Biden, the son of US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Hunter is one of the commissioners in the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

At the end of last week, Trump admitted he had discussed it with Zelenskiy.

“The conversations we have done are mostly related to the issue of corruption and where it happened. We don’t want our citizens, like Biden and his children, to be linked to corruption in Ukraine,” Trump said. (end)

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