Mario Kart Tour Can Be Played Soon on Mobile for Android and iOS!

Mario Kart Tour will actually be present on Android and iOS last March, but was postponed because the game is not so complete, so it needs further improvement and development. Until September 21, Mario Kart Tour will soon be launched on Android and iOS on September 25, 2019.

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About Mario Kart Games

Previously Mario Kart Tour has issued a beta test that is specifically for Android devices only. Just like other Mario Kart games, players will race along with other players in an existing race track. Cool again the race tracks are inspired by cities in the real world, which will be replaced every 2 weeks. So if you are racing this week in Italy, there is a possibility you will race in America in the next week. For the gameplay itself, the car that you use will automatically drive forward so that the player only needs to make swipe left and right movements to control your car left and right.

Players who want to play the game must have a Nintendo account, which you can register for free when entering the game. However, there will be several microtransaction / In-App-Purchases that will be present in the game. If you are interested, please visit the game’s official website, or visit the game’s official Twitter account to get more recent information related to this Mario Kart Tour game.

Race around the world across a variety of new and classic courses! We hope you enjoy this first tour! Be sure to stay tuned here for the latest game news, because we’ve got a lot more coming. It’s finally here! GO! tweet #MarioKartTour


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