Microsoft Officially Releases Windows 10X, What’s the Difference with Windows 10?

At the Surface Event event last September 2019, Microsoft introduced its newest Windows 10X operating system.

Do not want to miss the trend of gadgets that are being hit by the hype of the multi-fold design; Microsoft wants to focus Windows 10X on dual-screen devices, gangs.

In general, this OS is a variant of Windows that is specialized for the use of more streamlined and not too savvy, essentially Windows 10X for casual users.

Windows 10X Officially Launched, Easier Version of Windows 10

For some users, the regular version of Windows 10 might be enough. However, for other casual users, Windows 10 can sometimes make mumet with compatibility problems, drivers, and others.

Well, this is the reason Microsoft made Windows 10X, gang. Designed for users who want to be simpler, the Windows 10X OS comes with several trimmed features.

Until now, Windows 10 is the OS with the most number of users in the world, reaching 800 million in March 2019.

With this amount, of course, users are already familiar with the advantages of the regular version of Windows 10. Then, will Windows 10X, which has limited features, sell well?

Launch Together With New Microsoft Gadgets

The 2019 Microsoft Surface Event that was held on Thursday (03/09/19) revealed a number of new Microsoft gadgets.

The new Surface gadget line-up includes Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, Surface Neo, Surface Duo and Surface Earbuds. Could this add to the list of the most successful Microsoft gadgets?

Of all the new Microsoft gadgets, the only model that will use Windows 10X is the Neo Surface which has a dual screen, a gang.

In brief, the Microsoft Surface Neo has 2 LCD screens, each measuring 9 inches, connected to a 360 degree hinge with a thickness of only 5.6mm when the screen is open.

Surface Neo has a SIM slot with LTE connectivity, USB Type-C, and Windows Hello biometric technology through its infrared camera.

Although Surface Duo also comes with a double screen, this device will not use a Windows-based OS, but a Microsoft skin version of Microsoft that has not revealed the details.

Made for Dual Screen Gadgets

Windows 10X is a light Windows version designed for dual-screen Microsoft gadgets.

Windows 10X overhauled several interface elements such as the Start Menu which now appear different with large icons, the sorting system is removed, plus the file history has now moved from the Timeline to the Start Menu.

In short, Windows 10X is made for easy navigation with touchscreen interactions, which in fact the regular version of Windows 10 already has a Tablet Mode.


Already Have a Tablet Mode, Windows 10X Will Not Sell?

If you don’t know yet, Windows 10 already has a Tablet Mode that changes the interface to be bigger, with a Start Menu similar to Windows 8 that was rumored to be Windows 10 Lite.

This Tablet Mode can be used on all Windows 10 devices; This can make us wonder, what Windows 10X tablet devices can be sold in the market?

Indeed, Windows 10X has a different core OS approach, because by default it is compatible with cross-version Windows applications, gangs. Want 32bit, 64bit, or UWP, all applications can run smoothly.

In addition, the Windows 10X interface is also very different from Windows 10 Tablet Mode. User interaction can be shorter in Windows 10X, which is automatically better for productivity for a tablet.

Its application on the Neo Surface which by default already supports LTE also makes Windows 10X an attractive option for those of you who want to be more mobile.


Emulate Apple Steps to Separate Desktop and Tablet OS

Some time ago, Apple decided to separate iPad from iOS and make a special OS called iPadOS for the tablet.

This decision might be considered a good step by Microsoft, as evidenced by the appearance of the Windows 10X iteration on its new folding tablet, Surface Neo.

The limitations of the features in Windows 10X are still not widely revealed by Microsoft, but one thing for sure is that ordinary Windows 10 users will find a completely different interface.

Windows 10 tablet devices will not get Windows 10X updates, because this update is temporary only for Surface Neo.

The final word

The presence of Windows 10X that was announced at the 2019 Surface Event could be a blunder, or even something beneficial for Microsoft.

Maybe in the future there will be non-Microsoft / Surface devices with Windows 10X OS. About the behavior or not, what do you think? Convey your opinion below, yes.

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