Sony will Release PlayStation 5 in 2020

Sony promised to introduce the PlayStation 5 game console in the 2020 holiday season. Compared to its predecessor, Sony promised to redesign the PS 5 controller.

Through its official blog, Sony says a more comfortable redesign (haptics) is better. Related to the roar and vibrations that make users feel better what is happening in the game.

In addition, Sony reprogrammed the L2 / R2 trigger button resistance. The Japanese company said it would use this application to facilitate users to resolve this problem.

Nevertheless, Sony did not provide more detailed information about the expected gaming console. Regarding the price information issued, PlayStation 5 will be marketed.

Sony will release PlayStation 5 in 2020

Earlier in April, Sony leaked the emergence of a new generation of PlayStation game consoles. PS 5 can (load) display faster, graphics and sound better.

Gamespot previously wrote PlayStation 5 will provide SSD memory storage and supports PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality). PS5 will use AMD chips which have a third generation CPU Ryzen.

A number of game titles on the PS4 reportedly can still be played on PS5. This Sony console will also support games in the 8K format.

This game console will be the main competitor of Project Scarlett which is the next generation of Xbox consoles. Microsoft is also rumored to be launching Project Scarlett in the 2020 holiday season.

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