The Addams Family Film Review: Gloomy People Are Painful Good People

There is a television series that tells a strange family. He likes gloomy things, dark, gothic, death. Addams family.

After that, two films were made in 1991 and a sequel in 1993. Make no mistake, with the theme of the comedy film The Addams Family, managed to get an Oscar nomination in the end.

The Addams Family will be re-filmed this year. Curious, is it still good or not?

Gomez and Morticia Together Explore the World

Once upon a time, in a village there was a marriage. Gomez Addams marries Morticia. The difference is, this couple is very eccentric. They are affiliated with death. Thus, city dwellers are afraid of this family.

In the midst of marriage, they were driven out of the city. Confused, they are looking for a quiet place to live. When they were upset, they were inspired to live in New Jersey. On the way, they were shocked by Lurch. A mental hospital patient. They also made Lurch their servant.

When he wanted to return Lurch to the mental hospital, it turned out that he was unoccupied, haunted and in their style. They also found a house.

13 years later, Gomez and Morticia already have two children. Gloomy brother Wednesday and pleased with the attempted murder and Pugsley, who will soon be puberty.

Problems arise when the city under their house has just been made over by TV star Margaux Needler. They began to be harassed by the entire mass and at the same time there was a hidden intention that The Addams Family could get out of the city.

But, is it true that The Gloomy Addams Family is really evil? Or they can convince the whole population that they are good people?

Funny But Spooky But Funny

The strangeness of this family, its extremity. The storyline is eccentric, predictable but still entertaining.

Unfortunately for animation, there is nothing special for the effect. Just like animated films now in general. Filmmakers do emphasize the uniqueness of this family.

What’s interesting is of course the voice over. All stars! Oscar Isaac from Star Wars as Gomez. Charlize Theron from The Fate of the Furious as Morticia. Chloe Grace Moretz from Kick-Ass as Wednesday and Finn Wolfhard from IT or Stranger Things as Pugsley.

The interesting thing is: when watching a movie, there is no way to imagine the face of the voice actor. Because they don’t really look like everyday. Jaka, for example, if Jaka watches Tangled (2010), Jaka can still remember Mandy Moore’s face as Rapunzel. The voiceover is purely talented!

The final word
The film is for all ages and no scene will be of more concern to children. Some dark scenes and a little scary for small children.

The film will be released on October 25, 2019 and could be an alternative for the weekend with nieces, siblings or children. After payday, right?

For those who are very curious, please include the trailer below!

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